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Epitomedical is a unique concierge private practice, combining both internal medicine and pediatrics to ensure quality care for executives, professionals, and family members of all ages. We put the patient at the center of the healthcare world and strive to promote patient health and wellness, exceeding patient needs by using the highest level of service, care, and compassion.

Our Mission:

At Epitomedical, we put our patients first and are committed their well-being through providing quality preventative healthcare.

We strive to offer current, innovative tools and resources to put our patient’s wellness at the forefront, allowing them to take charge of their lives and personal health.

Our expert team of board-certified physicians, employees and employers work collectively to merge the gap between hospitality and healthcare for a community you can count on.

Our Vision:

Epitomedical strives to lay the foundation to build the best team of employers, physicians and employees who collaborate to create a seamless patient-centered healthcare experience.

The most important aspect is remembering that the patient is the center of the health care world; not doctors, nurses, clinics or hospitals.

Constantine George, M.D., Chief Medical Officer


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Founded by Las Vegas native, board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics, Dr. Constantine George M.D. in 2005, EPITOMEDICAL puts patients first using the highest level of service, care and compassion to go beyond each individual patient’s needs to promote health and wellness on both a physical and mental level. EPITOMEDICAL is a combined practice of internal medicine and private pediatrics to ensure quality care for friends and families of all ages. The first of its kind, EPITOMEDICAL also offers a premier concierge medical company which allows patients access to the best healthcare available, 24/7, quickly and efficiently with personalized attention and services. EPITOMEDICAL concierge patients receive around-the-clock care with direct access to Constantine George, MD, medical director and founder, who offers exclusive, personalized and discreet care. Get answers quickly and in real-time. Concierge patients at EPITOMEDICAL have the ease and luxury of accessing EPITOMEDICAL’s medical director and founder, Constantine George, MD directly through real-time virtual patient-doctor visits, texting or phone calls.
Do you know how the Keto Diet works?

Dr. Constantine George explains, "Normally your body needs carbohydrates (glucose) for energy and when the carbs or sugars are not available to the body, the body via the liver breaks down fats for energy and these byproducts are called ketones. Ketones are a type of acid and your liver sends them into the bloodstream so that your muscles and other body tissues may use this as an energy source."

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