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Q: How much does it cost to be part of Epitomedical?
A: We charge an annual fee comparable to other concierge medicine programs in order to provide our clients with personalized and superior access to our team of physicians. Unlike other concierge programs, we offer superior access to a coordinated team of the best doctors and specialists. The fee enables our doctors to ensure that they are available to our clients on their schedule. Every client’s needs are different and we structure a program tailored to each individual. Please contact us today to create a program made especially for you.
Q: How does Epitomedical work with insurance?
A: Our program should be utilized in coordination with any health insurance you carry. Our program is not an insurance plan and we highly recommend that our clients carry health insurance. We will work with our self-pay clients.
Q: What can I expect from office visits?
A: Because our doctors are focused on a smaller number of clients, office visits are maximized in order to get the most out of the appointment. As part of Epitomedical, our clients enjoy virtually no wait time and visits with their doctor that are not rushed. During appointments, Epitomedical doctors are able to dedicate more quality time to their clients where they can deliver personalized and focused care.
Q: What kind of access will I have to my doctors?
A: Epitomedical clients have direct access to their doctors. Same-day or next-day appointments are available to accommodate the needs and schedules of our clients. Epitomedical doctors are also available to clients around-the-clock through phone, text and / or email. In addition, depending on the client’s program benefits, home and / or office visits are also available.

Concierge Essentials

  • Complete Physicals / Preventative Exams
  • Sick Visits
  • EKG / Spirometry & Audiological Screening
  • Vaccinations
  • Extensive Specialist Referral Resources
  • Internal Medicine and Pediatric services
  • IV Fluid Hydration

Executive Physicals

The Epitomedical Executive Physical offers busy professionals an efficient and comprehensive, one-day physical exam that will not waste a moment of your time or overlook the smallest details.

Our liaisons take care of any and all logistical needs related to your appointment. They will assist you in the scheduling of your Executive Physical and any associated testing. On the day of your physical, a member of our team will personally escort you through all of your consultations and tests, and will assist you with any travel, transportation or other needs that may arise during your stay. Within 48 hours of your examination, our physician will personally present to you a customized summary of your examination and associated test results.

But that’s just the beginning. Get first-class care, year-round and around the clock with The Epitomedical Concierge Membership. Add on our fitness and nutrition counseling services for even further on-going support. And for those executives looking for more specific solutions, we are more than happy to explore custom solutions built around your medical needs.

No matter how healthy you think you are, getting an executive physical exam is one of the most important things you can do to protect and preserve your health.

EHE International:
Specialists In Preventative Medicine Since 1913

We are honored that EHE International has chosen to have our physician group as their exclusive Las Vegas primary care facility. For more information on the EHE-related services, please contact us directly at constantine.georgemd@epitomedical.com.


  • Allow us to help you achieve that ultimate health status with personalized physicals and work-ups tailored to your individual risk factors.
  • Stocks in business are one thing but taking stock in your health is another.
  • With Las Vegas as your backdrop, we have a wealth of resources, specialists and facilities to start you off and continue you on the right foot for life long health and happiness.

Health Risk Assessment Forms

  • Customized Health Risk Assessment Forms based on recommendations from the United States Preventative Services Task Force.
  • Cost effective way to bridge the health and wellness gap between employers, physicians and employees.
  • Useful to initiate conversation between employees and physicians.
  • Educational tool for monthly employee seminars and preventative behavior risk factor modification.

Concierge Physicians

  • Las Vegas’ first combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics house call physician service
  • Have a cold or forget your medications? Rest assured during your stay in Las Vegas.
  • While visiting for personal or work related events, our physicians are a phone call or email away.
  • Availability for direct-to-room care or same-day access to our primary care facility. Now conveniently available through our Vēdius app.
  • Affordable, convenient, and discrete.
  • Extensive referral list of specialists as well as urgent care centers, emergency rooms and hospitals.

Epitomedical Physicians at Your Fingertips

Epitomedical provides 24-hour on-call hotel concierge services for Las Vegas’ on- and off-strip properties through our new mobile app, Vēdius.

All inquires for hotel on-call concierge medical services should be scheduled through the app or directed to info@vediusapp.com.

Health & Wellness Seminars

A physician-led seminar is a cost effective way to promote health and wellness amongst your employees. Educate your staff with a personalized health and wellness seminar including but not limited to the following topics:
  • Weight Loss: From DNA to Diet and Exercise
  • Stress Management 101
  • Heart health: Is Your Heart Healthy?
  • Is This Normal Blood Pressure?
  • Know Your Cholesterol Levels
  • Body Mass Index: What Does it Mean and What is Your Goal?
  • Allergies: Prescription or Not?
  • Why am I so Fatigued?
  • Obesity and You
  • Mind and Body Connection: Myth or Reality?
  • Diabetes: No Sugar Please

Health, Wellness & Medical Travel

  • Allow our Certified Health and Wellness Travel Agents to uniquely tailor your upcoming Las Vegas getaway.
  • Experience the hidden health and wellness amenities Las Vegas has to offer.
  • We service everyone from the single traveler to large corporate gatherings.
  • All-inclusive packages based on your individual needs and desires.
  • Medical Travelers: Whether it’s for a knee procedure, bariatric surgery or cosmetic surgery, we have a network of doctors and travel agents that could assist in coordinating your care from start to finish.
  • Call or email us at info@vediusapp.com for further assistance on your future bookings.
  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Bachelor/Ette
  • Friends
  • Reunion
  • Learning
  • Group Retreats
  • LGBT
  • Luxury

Health & Wellness Program Design and Support

  • Allow us to bridge that existing healthcare gap between employee and employer by utilizing a physician-based tool as your navigator.
  • Whether you are a start-up business, large corporation, university, or college program, we have the necessary tools to get you on your way to a successful program.
  • We educate and guide your set up along the way by offering: executive support / ambassador and committee membership / company environment / organizational bylaws and policies and wellness program infrastructure.
  • Executive Support
  • Ambassador & Committee Membership
  • Company Environment
  • Organizational Bylaws & Policies
  • Wellness Program Infrastructure

Medical Directorship

  • With 14 years of private practice in our portfolio, we can offer your company advice and guidance on how to run a patient centered, effective and efficient program.
  • Using an outcomes-based model with quality and hospitality at its core, let us help you run a happier and more productive program.
  • Happy employees make for a happy employment environment.
  • From individualized Health Risk Assessment (HRA) forms to program development and ongoing infrastructure let us be your beacon of light in this ever changing healthcare world.

Curriculum Development

With our medical knowledge and expertise, allow us to assist in curriculum development for your health-related university program.

The UNLV School Of Medicine

We are proud to have been chose to lead the UNLV School of Medicine in their Hospitality in Health Care Curriculum Development.

Dr. Constantine George actively serves on the UNLV School of Medicine Engagement Board.

For updates and more information on the UNLV School of Medicine please visit their web site at unlv.edu/medicine.

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