The eforea spa at Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip holds two unique journey’s for our guests to choose from. The Essentials Journey is driven by powerful, technologically advanced treatments that produce instant results. We are the only spa in Las Vegas to carry the K-Lift machine by Kerstin Florian.

“Our K-Lift treatments combine three non-invasive, anti-aging technologies: red LED (light emitting diodes) light therapy (light energy), impulse micro-currents (kinetic energy) and transdermal delivery. The red LED light helps to improve dermal density and trigger collagen production; the impulse microcurrents (which target anti-gravity muscle groups) re-educate muscle tone, firm and lift the skin while also stimulating cellular energy. While the third technology, transdermal delivery, helps to deliver essential rejuvenating nutrients to the skin. The technology behind this machine comes from NASA experiments and Nobel Prize winning laureates.”
Charlene Florian

To book treatment, visit the eforea services page or call 702-765-8580.